Niggling injuries, Chicago aborted, all eyes on London

Wow, 7 months since my last update. That’s very poor form of me. The reason I haven’t updated is due to a host of niggling injuries that have hampered me since July. It all started with me dropping out of the M7 half marathon after 8k with an IT band issue that led to me walking 8k back to the start and feeling extremely sorry for myself while enduring “you can do it! Keep going!” cheers of encouragement from most of the field passing me. This issue cleared up quickly but led to hamstring issues. The right hamstring. Then the left. then the right. Then both. Then the right. Finally it culminated with a right hamstring tendinopathy and after repeated failed attempts to train through it I received a PRP (peptide rich plasma) injection around the tendon in December.


Just before this all happened I had been in pretty good shape: regaining the NSW long course XC title, my fastest time at the 4K road relays, and a decent 64.31 at the Gold Coast half (having gone with the pace of 14.40 through 5k).


Falls Creek – looking forward to getting some great runs done here

In the midst of the niggly issues I aborted my attempt to run the Olympic qualifying time of 2.14.00 at Chicago marathon. I was gutted at the time as felt I was in good shape to try and run sub 2.14 but with the typically late release of the Olympic qualifying criteria by British Athletics I have actually had some good luck. The criteria is such that London Marathon is an effective trial – the first 2 Brits under 2.14 past the post get picked. So had I run sub 2.14 at Chicago it would have effectively meant nothing. I don’t think this is a bad selection criteria, but releasing it so late is poor. I feel really sorry for Scott Overall and Callum Hawkins who have run the time and now have to go again. On the other hand, it makes it more of a lottery and the luck of the draw on the day so it’s good news for me I guess!

So plans from here? Well I am pinning all my hopes on a successful recovery from the PRP injection which after a week off and a week of running feels good so far but will need to see how it recovers from sessions and proper training before I can say for sure. I am currently at Falls Creek enjoying the serenity and champing at the bit to get some good running done. All going well I will get fit and put a plan together for London Marathon in April.