Operation 5,000m PB – Week 5

A good end to Falls Creek and then kept the end of the week steady as we returned to absorb the training load. A wise man called Ben St Lawrence warned against overdoing it when you get back down from Falls and ensure to allow the body to absorb the training. A wiser man called Ken Green already knew that and had given me my training accordingly!

Will taper a bit next week for attempt #1 at my 5k PB!

Monday – AM – 67 mins steady out and back at 6.41/mile. (10.5)

PM – 37 mins easy along Baby Aqueduct at 7.04/mile (5)

Tuesday – AM – 20mins tempo, 5 mins  steady, 10 mins tempo. Did it on the road. Felt so nice to be running on the road again!! Felt pretty good – 5.02/mile pace for 20mins and 4.52/mile for 10mins. (13)

PM – 37mins easy along Baby aqueduct at 6.59/mile (5)

Wednesday – AM – 90 mins and kept it pretty easy and pretty flat.6/43/mile. (13.5)

Thursday – AM – Quarters session. Again! Felt a bit better this week. 15.40 – still slower than week 1 though but have a lot of miles in the legs. (9)

PM – 37 mins along BabAq at 7.05/mile. Last run at Falls Creek! Has been a great block of training. (5)

Friday . PM – 47 mins easy at 7.11/mile. 133 bpm average 146 max – back to using the heart rate monitor. (6.5)

Saturday – AM – 69mins steady at 6.50/mile. 139bpm and 156max (10)

PM – 35mins at 6.40/mile and 131bpm/148max. (5.5)

Sunday – 2 hours steady around Centennial. Held back a bit to make sure I didn’t overdo it. 6.35/mile and 143bpm/165max (19)

103 miles.

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