2014 Zatopek 10k Build-up week 1 (sort of….)

Hello all,

So, I have been doing some running, but haven’t really documented it. Mainly as it’s been a road back to fitness and so it’s just been a case of building up week on week until I can train fully. Also it’s partly because my sessions have been poor and bordering embarrassing so the thought of committing them to paper hasn’t filled me with joy!

Anyway, the aim for the rest of 2014 is a strong run at the Zatopek 10,000m, the event I ran 28.40 at 2 years ago. Before that I will run the Noosa Bolt 5km on the road, and a 3,000m on the track.

I’m going to call this week 1, as it’s the first week I’ve put on the blog, and also because it’s my first ‘full’ week of training.

Monday – 10 miles steady – 65 mins

Tuesday – AM – 5.5 miles easy

PM – Track session: 6 x 800m off lap jog in 95secs. 2.14, 2.18, 2.20, 2.24, 2.27, 2.27. Hmmm. I felt ok at the start but then was having to make up ground on the lap jog and was just getting slower. Pretty poor. (9)

Wednesday – 90 mins steady at 6.20/mile (14)

Thursday – AM – 6 miles easy (7.20/mile)

PM – 10 miles with last 2 miles at tempo (5.10/mile) and 6 x 60m sprints

Friday – 6 miles easy (7.20/mile)

Saturday – AM – Figure of 8 loop in 9.36 (9.15 at 3k), 5 mins recovery, 6 x Long hill – 98, 96, 94, 93, 94, 91. Nipper was 30secs ahead on the loop, but just about hung on on the hills – mainly with Yugi for session. Hit some lactic on the last one. (10)

PM – 6 miles easy

Sunday – 2 hours long run at 6.20 miling. Felt pretty good. Am feeling quite good on the long runs but not so well on the sessions…. (19)

99.5 miles. Reasonable week but am still well behind on sessions. Hoping it will ‘click’ soon.

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