Commonwealth Preview!

Hi all,

Well, less than 2 days to go now and less really is more, in that the less time there is to go, the more real it’s becoming!

I’ve had a few days in the village now and got to take part in the opening ceremony which was a great experience. I missed out on this in Delhi and wasn’t overly bothered by that as I don’t get overly excited when I watch them on the telly, but it was a thrill to be in the stadium and I got a lot of messages from people saying they spotted me!

opening ceremony



 Beyond that excitement I’ve tried to keep this week as boring as possible. A few massages, regular meals, and plenty of sitting around and chatting with my England teammates. The male marathon trio are all sharing the same room and that’s been great – no ego clashes amongst teammates in the marathon camp! Most of our “race chat” has been about what stats fields will be on our Garmins rather than psyching anyone out. Although I would like to point out I didn’t partake in the Garmin chat, that was beyond even my statty inclinations.

IMG_0244What’s been interesting is our very different taper approach. I basically just run less, and slower, and eat a bit more carbs. Fairly standard and safe.
Steve on the other hand drops carbs COMPLETELY for 3 days or so and runs short and hard through it, before then opening up the carb floodgates 3 days before the race, an ’80s approach known as “the diet”. Nick is somewhere in between, but 48 hours before the race will do a 3minute flat out effort and then fill his face with jelly babies and Turkish Delight, to promote extra glycolysis.

Friends and family start arriving tomorrow. Amelia has been in Glasgow all week but has been ill so I’ve not been able to see her, which has been really disappointing and I’m hoping she’s better by race day. I’m trying to encourage my friends not to base their enjoyment of the trip around my race so as to avert any pressure! Back in Australia my training team-mates and club-mates are gathering at the pub to watch. Again, get smashed lads and lasses so there’s something to enjoy beyond my performance!!

As to the race itself, I won’t reveal my plans but the weather has been so hot that there may well be something else to think about on race day, although it’s due to cool down a bit. I try and keep race plans pretty simple and as it’s a Championship I’ll definitely focus less on the time and more on getting in the mix in a group, as long as things pan out that way. I actually feel less pressure if I do’t focus on times so that will help me I think. I know the field reasonably well with my anglo-aussie relations so that may work in my favour!

Right, well, more sitting to do, hot chocolates to drink, Queens to dine with. Tough Stuff. Catch you all later!

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